Importance of reading

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Below are some important benefits,

1) Improve imagination.
2) Understand the various uses of words
3) Vocabulary improvements
4) Your curiosity is fulfilled
5) Keep you well Informed
6) Culture and tradition are introduced

  1. Imagination:
    While reading the various books, the reader paints independent images along with the portraits drawn by the author. We add to it according to our strength. Taking into account the author’s suggested meaning, he creates a new hypothesis. In literature, the reader’s independent imagination is just as important as the author’s. It help you to take important decision in your life also.
  2. Understand the various uses of words
    Reading is associated with many other skills such as conversation, writing, annotation, oratory. Reading skills play a significant role in the development of these skills. Reading is useful for being able to write independently.It also help you to speak fluently in that language as you have these words set with you. It is convenient to take notes if it is read before writing. In conversation, however, we can make an independent impression by giving references and examples from our reading.
  3. Vocabulary improments
    Reading books on various subjects enriches our vocabulary. Proper meaning of words, sayings, phrases
    As you read more that will help you to grow more in your vocabulary stack.
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4 Your curiosity is fulfilled
Since childhood, we have been curious about many areas. we read fairy tales, epics. Mysteries, science fiction, fulfill your growing curiosity. The characters that you read in books help you to be more curious to build your ideas. Reading a variety of literature satisfies your curiosity.
5 It help you to well informed
Extensive reading makes us aware. Knows many topics. Many processes, tendencies you know. We become familiar with the life-style of many writers. Introduces the style of many writers. These styles, these opinions help form your point of view. Your thoughts become profound. We can test our opinions on many tests. Can create a new one.

6 Culture – Tradition
Culture and tradition are identified through reading. Social, historical stories – novels, plays, other fine literature, adapted, translated literature, they become familiar with the traditions, culture, tradition group. Knowledge of customs, signs, illusions, planets, myths, norms comes from many written texts.

Some wrong reading habits

You want to get all the benefits of reading. But sometimes our bad habits make reading difficult. Here are some common misconceptions.

1) While reading, most people have a habit of reading with a finger or pencil on the line they are reading. This reduces the reading speed and also affects the resulting comprehension.
2) Most people have a habit of reading the text aloud. There are also some benefits to reading aloud; But not all reading aloud is desirable.
3) While reading, lip and laryngeal movements also affect reading speed and comprehension. While reading, keep your eyes constantly moving. If that happens then the habit is dangerous.
4) While reading a sentence, the eye should be fixed in a few places. Readers who read slowly tend to read a single sentence too much. This impedes comprehension.
5)The reading direction is from left to right. But for that, some people constantly turn their heads from left to right. This slows down the reading speed and makes it look worse. Which of these habits do you have? Carefully monitor your own reading. If you have such a habit, you can try to give up your wrong habit by taking the following measures.

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Here are some tips that help you to get rid of bad habits.
1) If you have a habit of moving your finger/pen/pencil over the line, it becomes a bit difficult to your reading speed. So the habit should be given up consciously. It will feel like a mistake at first. It will be scary. Don’t feel confident. But it should be read without any external means. Because the speed of the hand is always less than the speed of sight. This slows down the reading speed.
2) We understand that it is remembered after reading aloud. But it is wrong. Research has shown that a maximum of 250 to 300 words per minute can be read aloud or memorized. But if you read the words aloud or without memorizing (in your mind) even 800 words can be read in a minute. So learn to read-only by sight.
3) Lip and laryngeal movements are not required externally. This affects the reading speed. So practice reading without moving your mind.
4) If your eyes are constantly on the previous words instead of moving forward while reading, it will affect the reading speed but mistakes like forgetting / not reading words, omitting lines, misreading will happen. This wastes a lot of time reading.

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5) The range of vision of each reader is different. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. To practice increasing the range of vision, read the vertical column in the newspaper. The vertical column has a vertical movement of the eyes. The horizontal movement of the gaze does not have to be done much. While practicing this way, also try to read meaningful pieces of long sentences. With such practice, one can immediately look at the text and understand its meaning. One of the major ways to increase your reading speed is to increase your vision. It takes a long time to read one line at a time, from one word to another.

6) Some people have a habit of turning their heads while reading. Such a bad habit not only hurts your neck but also slows down your reading speed. If you notice that you are moving your neck while reading, remove this obstacle with a glance. If the above measures are followed, the speed of reading increases, and comprehension also takes place.

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