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FullStack Developer

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What is Full Stack Development?

It’s the dream of every programmer to become a Full stack developer. Usually, any Software engineer works as a backend developer or front end dev developer. but in the last few years, we hurt on Full stack widely.

If a programmer is working on UI changes on an application or website and at the same time if he/she is working on database retrieval-related efforts.

along with these changes nowadays every team management is expecting from team members to work on the deployment-related tasks. It means development on the UI, backend and little effort on the cloud makes you Fullstack development.

Technology stack for Full stack

Backend technology Java/python, SQL/MySql, API services, Unit testing, Spring
Frontend technology HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, NodeJs, Angular, ReactJS
Deployment Git, Jenkins/bitbucket, Docker, and AWS popular services (Optional)

If any developer gets his hand dirty in the above technology area, it will certainly help to groom the carrier. Every organization required all these skill sets. If you have expertise in this then expectations of organization management will be different from you and definitely, they will pay more than your expectations package level in any organization.


here are the quick tips which will help you

  • Pickup any backend language (Java/Python ) as a beginner programmer
  • Work on database knowledge like Storage, retrieval operations, Schema
  • Know about tier 2 (UI application ) and tier 3 (service application) projects.
  • Practice writing your own POC.
  • For Web Development, Initially work on Html and CSS
  • Once you are good with knowing basic UI you can work on JavaScript, which is the heart of any web page.
  • During this learning, you can work on deployment tools and popular practices.
  • Basic Docker and cloud technology knowledge are sufficient here.

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